12 Month Loan

Fulfil your financial need with 12 months loans

If you are struggling with the covering of expenses for various purposes like home repairing or car repairing or may be due payment of bills, 12 months loans are the perfect ones to opt for.

12 months loans are short termed. They allow you to borrow near about $1500 to cover up your pending expenses which is due to shortage of your funds.

What are the requirements needed for 12 months loans?

You must qualify the following norms before you are approved for 12 months loan:

Must be a citizen of US

Age must be 18 years or older

You must be employed

You must have an active checking account.

Failing any of the norms from above can lead to disapproval of your application for the loan. However, your credit score doesn’t affect much for the loan to be approved until you meet all the mandatory norms required for this loan.

Steps to follow for applying the loan

Visit any website which provides 12 month loan.

Complete the loan application which demands loan option. Choose from the provided options.

You are then asked to submit the loan amount along with your name, address, home status, Driver’s license details, contact no., email address and the suitable time when they can call you.

Keep your bank information fully ready to provide in the form.

Once your application is submitted, you are expected to get a call in response to your application for the loan.

If all of your information is satisfactorily supportive, your loan will be approved.

Advantages of 12 month loans

No security required

The best deal about this kind of loan is that you do not need to provide any kind of security.

Credit score is not mandatory

Even if you are having credit score trouble, shoot that tension off. You can apply for 12 month loan in spite of bad credit rating.

No burden of repayment

Your loan can get approved very soon but you need not take a huge burden of repayment just right away. You get a repayment time of 11 months for the loan.

No mandatory rules

You need not follow any repayment rules. You can either pay off the loan within weeks, months or can even opt for monthly instalment payment.

Disadvantages of 12 month loan

Since, all good things always have some negatives, this is the same here.  Some disadvantages are as follows:

High interest

Your loans get approved soon. That’s true. But the repayment is quite a huge amount since the interest of the loan is very high.

Percentage of interest rate is not fixed

Unlike other loans, 12 month loan interest rates are not fixed. It depends on lender to lender. The percentage rate may increase if your repayment duration is extended.

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